T.I.C.A.B Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual is the largest international art event of Albania, working with contemporary art as a tool to analyse our contemporary condition and as a critical voice in the social discourse.


With the participation of more than 60 artists and curated by five curators, the 4th edition of T.I.C.A.B will be held in September – October 2009. Borrowing on the notion of ”The Symbolic Efficiency of the Frame”, T.I.C.A.B takes on the discussion about the complex and manifold nature of “real”, its many appearances and the various ways we relate our history and present condition.

Hotel Dajti, T.I.C.A.B’s main venue, was once-upon-a-time the most grandiose hotel of Albania, built by fascist Italy in the late 1930s and during the communist past only open to foreigners. Today it lies looted and vandalised in the middle of the city and with its many layers of history it will offer a perfect symbolical frame for such an artistic happening.

Building on the successful experience of its previous editions, the 4th edition of T.I.C.A.B will continue with the structure of consecutive openings for which a team of curators will curate one episode each that gradually grows together into a larger exhibition. Furthermore, and in an attempt to critically respond to the development of Tirana - through ‘wild’ urbanization, fast capital investments and within the horizon of a neoliberal context, the 4th edition of T.I.C.A.B. will expand beyond the field of visual arts, into the domain of architecture and processes of urbanization.

The 4th edition of T.I.C.A.B will consist of 3 episodes:

Episode 1 - 18th of September- 22nd of October, curated by Edi Muka and Joa Ljungberg (Tirana/Malmö)

Episode 2 – 25th of September – 22nd of October, curated by STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen, Rotterdam/Belgrade)

Episode 3 – 02 October – 22nd of October, curated by Corinne Diserens (Paris/Berlin)

Facades: In connection to its 4th edition, T.I.C.A.B has embarked on a continuation of the famous facade-project, for which celebrated artists are invited from different parts of the world to design facades of communist living blocks in Tirana. Among the participating artists are: Tala Madani, Tomma Abts, Per Enoksson, Franz Ackermann, Ann Edholm, Adrian Paci and Helidon Gjergji.

Satelite Events: The 4th edition of T.I.C.A.B is further enriched by a number of satelite events, turning the event into the hottest meeting point for the entire period of its duration, while expanding its public reach.

Please join us in theis exciting project in which art and architecture, history and future, transitory states and new ideas will come together in physical space, encouraging experiment and innovation, contemplation, amusement, discussion and debate.